Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a house flood can’t happen to you. Any home has the potential to be flooded. Living in South Florida—a hurricane prone area—means that homeowners should be especially cautious and proactive when it comes to the risk of a flood. If you live in or are moving to an area that’s at high risk for floods, flood insurance may even be required.

One of the most common misconceptions homeowners have about insurance is that their homeowners’ insurance will cover them in case their homes are flooded. Unfortunately, this is not true. Flood insurance is the only way to guarantee that you will be covered if there is a flood in your home.

Just one inch of water in your home can result in thousands of dollars in damages. Save yourself from having to pay out of pocket for expensive repairs by contacting Able Insurance to find out more about flood insurance.

As costly as flood damages can be, flood insurance can be surprisingly affordable. In some cases, flood insurance may even cost you less than a dollar a day. Call us today to learn more.