Recreational Vehicles

Your recreational vehicle probably feels like your second home, so it’s important to protect it just like your primary residence. Call or visit Able Insurance to learn more about specialized insurance policies designed for RV owners.

When selecting an insurance policy for your motorhome, you want a combination of auto and homeowners’ insurance benefits. Ideally, you need a package that covers damages and medical expenses in case of an accident, as well as protection for personal belongings in the vehicle, especially valuable items like laptops.

Your Able Insurance agent will help you find the right policy by considering several key factors, including:

  • The class of your RV—Class A, B, or C. RV insurance is most expensive for Class A vehicles, least expensive for Class B, and falls in the middle for Class C.
  • How often you use your RV. If your RV is your permanent home, you’ll need a more comprehensive and pricier full-time policy.
  • Your travel plans. Traveling out of state or internationally will impact your policy.
  • Customizations to your RV. Added features can lead to more costly repairs and affect your insurance needs.